Fold In Size?

So we have a 3 stage full tray bot with a slide out. We dont need to hold that many cubes since it takes a while to get more than 11 but we have a really hard time getting in size with folding. We might cut a tray so it folds easier and doesnt have an issue with size. Would we cut the 2nd or 3rd tray? or both? We want at most 10 cubes. We also want the tray to rest on intakes or put them inside the intakes.

Here is a decent picimage

We have some space out of the intakes but not a lot. Any suggestions? We have 2 weeks to program and get that done.

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How do you guys fold with 2 extensions?

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We fold the 3rd tray under the 2nd tray then fold that. It just takes soooooo long to deploy and we are out of size sometimes.

We have a 4-stage flip out and it deploys in under two seconds. The only way we can achieve this is by using an obscene amount of rubber bands.

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Our problem is folding. thats it.

they using 8 on each side already

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if we just remove an inch i think… We will be in size easier and can flip out just by lifting up.

just lop a few holes off your second and third stage and you should be good.

Ok. Thank you. I will have to talk to my builder about this

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You could just make the trays a bit smaller and add another tray

? They want at most 10 cubes, why would they want to add another tray?

Box fold the tray, and then place the 3rd folding stage on top of the intake motors, with bars going out the side that rest on the motors. When the arms lift it opens the tray. Since it is a box fold, the 3rd and 4 th stages should open by themselves

We can’t box fold. What if we cut so they rest on top of the intakes. And make a silde out that can hold 2 cubes?

About the slide out. How would you do that. The ones that look like a tray.

Wait. To box fold would we have to cut the 2nd tray short and make the 3rd tray a little short so i folds?

Most teams use either metal on metal or metal on spacers. Here is a good forum post for this:


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