Folding stages

Me and my team are having an issue with our plate to flip open, we are looking to see if anyone can help us to get the stages fully compact and within 18" 18" 18"

Could you share pictures and sizes?


What is stopping your tray from closing all the way?

Also I would advise cutting down the excess c channel sticking out the front as that could stop you from placing in corners

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Close up pics of the hinge would be nice. Around your issue.

The two stages are hitting each other


It doesnt look like the tray moves at all. That being said, your hinge could be adjusted to something like thisScreenshot_20191113-163038_YouTube

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Probably cut the excess c channel sticking out the sides of the 2nd stage

We dont have any excess we have railings on the standoffs, but I will try to change the hinge.

Then I also have a question about the intake, ours can grab easily but we cant stack as easily, it is a fixed intake and when we had flaps we found it time consuming to stack too.

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