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Thank you for your prompt response to this question:

However, this presents an issue for teams that qualify to compete for the Excellence Award but do not qualify to compete for the Design Award. In Awards Appendix D it states that the key criteria for the Excellence Awards are:

Design Award ranking
• Tournament Qualification Matches ranking
• Robot Skills Challenge ranking
• Other Judged Award rankings
• High quality VEX robotics program

However, if a team that is competing for the Excellence Award cannot also compete for the Design Award, they will be missing one key criteria.

I would like to respectfully request that the criteria be modified by adding any team that is under consideration for the Excellence Award to the teams that can be considered for the Design Award. I understand that the criteria for Design Award was written to limit the number of teams but imagine that this issue would only impact a small handful of teams and would still result in a limited set of teams under consideration for the Design Award.

Teams being considered for Excellence at VEX Worlds will be asked to submit their engineering notebook at check in.