Follow the 2013 VEX Robotics Competition World Championship

The VEX Robotics Competition World Championship is off and running!

Visit for full coverage of the event - including links to live results, rankings and awards.

Check out VRC TV for a customizable interface for viewing webcasts, results and rankings -

All ceremonies will be on the VRC TV: Channel 1 stream.

@VEXRobotics and @REC_Foundation will be providing updates on Twitter.

The VEX Robotics and REC Foundation Facebook pages will also have photos and updates posted.

Please post in this thread if there are any issues with the webcasts and we’ll try and get them resolved ASAP.

That VRC TV makes it easy to view the webcast, it’s great how it’s all in one spot. Not sure if they had it last year but thanks for having it this year.

This layout is really cool! 10 windows at once is going to be really great for trying to watch all the matches at the same time, plus results.

Will these be recorded or archived? If not, could someone post at least the ceremonies and finals on Youtube at some point?

Please archive or post the product release and game animation up tomorrow. I won’t be able to catch it live on the webcast. Last year, the animation wasn’t posted til a few days later, which was disappointing.

What just happened? i was messing around on the streaming site and i somehow got the livestream to activate even tho it doesnt start for 3 hours… it started showing team names, pics and info about robots but i refreshed (it was really laggy) and now it says it doesnt start for 3 hours again… someone explain and help please!

We’re doing some testing so some streams will activate for short times. Everything will start again at 1:30pm PST with the Opening Ceremony on Ch 1. Matches begin at 2:15pm PST.

Everything will be archived on Livestream.

I want to add a note this is a very new page and we will work hard to resolve any issues that may come up during the event. If you are experiencing trouble, let us know in this thread the browser, operating system and steps needed to reproduce the problem.

As a last result, you can always go to each divisions event page to see live updating results and webcast information.


brilliant ! … 10/10 guys !

When I try to list the division scores in the 10 window view the scores are not contained within the window and strecth down the page.

I am using the latest version Google Chrome on windows 7, I am not sure if it might work on other browsers.

Also the color is not correct on the college division stream.

The college picture should be better now.

Can you try clearing your cache and visiting the vrctv page again – we made some CSS changes to fix that issue that may be cached in your browser. We’ll still verify it works on this end with Windows7 Chrome, however.

Both the college stream and scores are now working.

Thank you for the quick response

It’s real quiet for the ceremonies.

it worked fine for me … sure it is not your sound card levels ?

maths division, … not streaming live … missed the game i wanted 2 watch

Replaced some equipment @ the field.
Math should be coming back up now.

thank you !

Is there a way to adjust playback resolution, or stream provider? My school throttles livestream playback, and all streams are completely unviewable due to lag.

It appears that the science stream is down at the moment.

Science stream isn’t working for me as well. It says event has started but no stream.