Follow the 2014 VEX Robotics World Championship!

The VEX Robotics World Championship is off and running!

Visit for full coverage of the event - including links to live results, rankings and awards.

Check out VRC TV for a customizable interface for viewing webcasts, results and rankings -

@VEXRobotics and @REC_Foundation will be providing updates on Twitter.

The VEX Robotics and REC Foundation Facebook pages will also have photos and updates posted.

Please post in this thread if there are any issues with the webcasts and we’ll try and get them resolved ASAP.

As seen from the lack of complaints in this thread, the video feed was fantastic! Thanks to all who made it happen – easy for the viewers, quite a task for the engineers.

One suggestion for next year – when you drag a division into a window, there’s no way to cancel or replace it (at least from what I could see). Suppose I’m watching a split screen with 4 windows viewing 4 HS divisions, and I want replace one of the HS windows with VexU. I can’t view the VexU feed by dragging it into a window currently in use – once you drag feed into a window, it stays there. It wasn’t a big deal – I just closed the window and started from scratch with new (empty) windows. But it would be nice to “X-out” feed that’s currently running to make room for new feed, one window at a time.

Again, you did an amazing job – the absence of comments is a testimony to how well it was done.

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Both sound and video quality this year are outstanding! Thanks for “tweaking” the windows so that new feed can be dropped in without closing the windows and starting from scratch.

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VEXU stream is down

EDIT: Thanks up again

What was the result for VEX U match 123? It is missing as if it never happened

Impressive streaming video feed and interface! Well done!


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Someone is messing around with the division names Science is now called high school! We have also gained a division called division 100