Follow up on substitutions

As an event partner, I am seeking clarity on this issue.

Here is the previous question and answer for context:

blatwell 5 hours ago Event Partner Indianapolis 621A
We were at a qualifying tournament this past weekend and there were two teams that were on the list that were not there. They ended up being included in the final version of the schedule and teams that were paired with them were, in some cases, allowed to find a team of their choosing to substitute for the no-show team.

Is this an acceptable practice for a qualifying tournament?

If the teams are there and on the schedule but do not show up at their match, it is acceptable to allow a substitute team to compete in a match in a qualifying tournament?

I believe I know the answer but would like clarification for future tournaments.

The regional rep was there and I was told by one of the refs that he said it was OK because the EP said it was OK.

Answered by Brad Lauer See post in context
Thanks for the question! With over 1000 events each season, there are many situations that must be managed carefully regarding “no-show” teams at competitions. Each event partner must reconcile their registered teams list with the teams that check-in and determine whether, or not, to re-generate their match schedule. Generally speaking, if there are “no-show” teams at an event, the event partner would use the TM function to check-in teams and then re-run the match list accordingly. If there are additional teams that show up at the event, they are frequently used to replace teams that didn’t show up. In this scenario, instead of re-generating the match list, the event partner may elect to swap the teams that didn’t show up with the extra teams that attended the event. When there are no-show teams at an event for which qualification is required, like a state/regional championship, the event partner wouldn’t normally replace the no-show teams unless it has a serious impact on the ability to run the event based on the previously posted public agenda. Questions regarding specific events should be directed to your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. I hope that this helps.


This was not a situation where team 12345X was replaced with 54321A all the way through the tournament. This was a case where teams that found themselves without an alliance partner were sometimes allowed to select another team to be their alliance partner for a particular match. According to the ref with whom I spoke, this seemed to be OK with the outgoing REC Regional Support Manager even though the ref and the head ref thought this was a bad and wrong practice and on at least 2 of the four fields they were not allowing this much of the day but later went along with this policy.

What is not entirely clear is if all of the times an alliance partner was selected by a team it was a situation where they were scheduled to be with a team that was not at the tournament or if it was a no-show due to the rapid turnaround times.

As an event partner, I would like to know what options are allowed and what options are not allowed. I would like to get an answer that I can have confidence will be the same answer all over the Vex world. I am wanting to know if there are specific rules concerning this so I know what options are available when I am running a tournament.

For more clarity on this specific situation, I would ask that you contact, via email, your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. Each event has unique challenges and our staff and volunteers attempt to make decisions that benefit all teams in attendance at the event. Not having been involved in any specific decisions made (or present at the event), I cannot offer any additional insight.