Follow up to Excellence Judging

Sorry for posting a new thread but I wasn’t able to post in any of the other threads for some reason.
But anyways, my question is regarding the ability of a club to compete for the excellence award at worlds. The situation with us is that each team holds one criterion for the award. One team has won design award and entered online challenges, and another has won excellence previously. Now since, no single team has all criteria, is the club eligible to win the excellence award?

Also, how does the design award interview work for a club competing for excellence? Does each team book their own interview? Or is there another club interview for that?


Good questions. I hope this helps:

  1. The Excellence Award at World Championship is a club award. As long as club 123 has teams that have won Excellence Awards, entered online challenges, and are participating in the Design Award interview, club 123 will be eligible for Excellence Award.
  2. Each team books a Design Award interview spot. The Design Award is still a team, not a club, award.