Following up on yesterday's question: Saving to Desktop does not...


Thank you for the response to my post yesterday concerning saving projects to the desktop. I apologize for cluttering up this forum yet with another post on the same topic, but I don’t see any way to add a comment to that thread.

You suggested that I post screenshots of our code along with screenshots of the associated files. Our code is extensive and doing only that would probably take a couple of hours! Our robot uses all twelve ports and there is code for every block. some of it covers more than one screen!

Plus I’m not sure I want to post all our code here for everyone to see just a week before the Worlds! :wink:

In addition, I sent mk4v (or mkv) files to your support email address and was told the following: ---------
Hi Thad,
Thanks for reaching out to us. We were unable to open the files you sent. Please send us the .mkv files, so that we can take a closer look. In the editor, next to the program title, click on the ‘Project’ button and select the ‘Save to Desktop’ option. Then, email us the downloaded .mkv file as an attachment to

​This is exactly what I did. I’m not sure what to do now. I responded indicating so in an email reply but received no further Vex support. Please help!


Hi Thad,

That’s understandable not to want to post your code here in a public forum. We’re following up via email to get you further assistance.