Food at World Championships

Hi there, I have read through the 2013 WC FAQ and WC Food Menu and I still have some questions regarding food available at Worlds.

Will there be a place available for people who have food allergies, such as being gluten free/wheat free, where we can get food on site that caters for us? If not, will there be an exception made to the ‘no bringing food into the convention centre’ rule?

Also any suggestion where we could get food for us around the convention centre area? Unfortunately the hotel where we’re staying doesn’t have a kitchen area for us to make our own lunches.

Just wondering because both me and one of the people I’m travelling over with are Gluten free.




Thanks for your message. I am currently checking with the convention center to find out what gluten free options they will have for you. I will get back to you shortly.

Miller Roberts

Thanks for that. I’ll post something in the general forums to see if anyone who lives in the area has any ideas for the days we’re not in competition.