Food at Worlds

Hey guys, a couple of you might have seen my thread in the World Championships sub-forum. Essentially I, and a couple other people I know, have an issue with eating food full of wheaty/gluteny goodness.

Just wondering if any one out there, who lives in the area or otherwise, can help guide us to places that can feed us while we’re in Anaheim. I’d be really grateful for any help in that department, cause you know, eating’s kind of a good thing.

Thanks & Ciao, Jamie

The road that the Anaheim Convention Center lies on has a multitude of healthy restaurants and food choices. Simply walking down the street will lead to some kind of healthy meal. For more specifics, I would advise using Google Maps to look at the Anaheim Convention Center’s neighboring restaurants and plan ahead.

What hotel will you be staying at? I have relatives in Anaheim/Santa Ana, and I can ask them about suitable places that deliver.

If you’re not able to bring food into the Convention Center, if you can spare one or 2 people who can “hunt and gather”, they can estimate a time when the other members meet outside at a spot you scout out ahead of time (the weather should be pleasant at that time of year). If you have 2 working cell phones, you can be even more precise, calling in 3-5 minutes before the ETA so the team members and the food can rendezvous with minimal waiting.

My relative (who is a nurse), said that many restaurants in the area have gluten-free options on their menus. Doing a search on for gluten-free in Anaheim turned up many options:

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Thanks for your help. I’ll be staying at Eden Roc. We don’t mind walking to get food.

Still waiting on a reply from Miller Roberts about if we’d be able to bring food into the venue. Unfortunately there’s only the 3 of us coming over from my team, but I’m sure I can find someone in the NZ contingent who will hunt for us. :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll find some way of communicating so that could be a pretty good idea.

I was just seeing if anyone else on the forums is gluten free and could recommend to us some good places to go.

Done that :slight_smile: Only found a couple including CoCos, Tiffys and Baja Fresh - If these are places to avoid please let us know :stuck_out_tongue:

Jamie forgot to mention that we don’t have a car over there :confused: unfortunately the stuff that came up when I searched yelp is about 3 hours walk away

If it’s not too much trouble, places that do GF and deliver would be incredible! Nice easy way to get dinner when the rest of them want pizza or mcdonalds :confused:

Thanks everyone for replying :slight_smile:
-Steph (WF and staying with Jamie)

It looks like Zito’s Pizza delivers and isn’t too far from you. You might want to jot down the names of some of the gluten-free restaurants, even if they’re 3 hours away (also try adding “delivery” into the search criteria), as some of the lesser-known chains like PF Chang and BJ’s may have a small branch in/near the Convention Center. Some are better than others, but you can pick your way through the menus here.

The Anaheim/LA area is “cutting edge” in many ways, including health-awarenesss, and GF folks will find themselves in good company. My niece claims that many/most restaurants now have GF options, and even separate menus – it never hurts to ask. Bon appetit!

Late breaking addition: the Cheesecake Factory has many GF selections and is walking distance from the Convention Center. They serve entrees, salads, and other “real food” in addition to their signature desserts.

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I will :slight_smile: Thank you!

That’s great, thank you very much!

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