Food in the complex

I have a question about the food and drinks at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.
Do we have to bring our own food and drinks or can we buy some food and drinks in the convention center? And if we can buy some food and drinks in the convention center, can someone give us a price-index?

Greetings, the first Belgium VRC team

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Assuming last year’s rules still apply, outside food & drinks will not be allowed in the venue.

You can find more information on purchasing meal vouchers here:


If this is going to be the same as last year then they will have food options available but they will not accept cash at any of the food stalls.

Per the first line of the linked page:

Because the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center is cashless, we are offering prepaid meal vouchers to distribute to your teams for use at Sodexo/Centerplate locations throughout the venue.


I can only speak to what I saw last year…

  • I saw some people with outside food/drink stopped at the entrances to the convention halls, others walked right in as there was not always staff at the entrances.

  • I saw many outside food containers around the pits, but also heard that building staff made groups take it outside.

  • Many groups went outside for meals or sat on the floor of the concourse outside the main halls.

  • I think that just about everyone had small snack items in their bags and I did not hear of any issue with it.

Basically, the outside food policy was enforced, but a lot was missed. I would not plan on violating it for a group as it might backfire.

Pretty expensive and mediocre quality with long lines at peak times. I’d expect at least $20 for a simple “combo” meal. Check out the vouchers; They are on par with venue pricing. We were there for both HS and MS and only ate lunch on site once. There are a number of restaurants within a few blocks you could easily walk to.

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VEX Worlds Information Not 100% sure but this post from Dan seems to state otherwise, Specifically the part about how he believes “more of the Dallas area restaurants will offer delivery and extended hours”.

If you wish to buy food in the venue they accept credit/debit cards or you can purchase a meal voucher ahead of time as previously mentioned.

Hello! Last year, my team just went to the omni hotel. The food in the centre is quite expensive and the lunch break is long enough. If you go downstairs to the ground floor (1st floor to americans, don’t know what you call it in Belgium but that’s beside the point), there are many places where you can get some food. The prices aren’t too high either. Good luck, have fun.