For all you guys who competed in SkyRise

For all you guys who have known and loved vex for a while now :
So, I was wondering. In the Zone seems like an updated version of SkyRise:

-stacking objects
-no descoring
-cubes and pegs/skyrise pieces merge into one. (ex. you are stacking them, not placing them on a pipe, kind of a mix of both elements)

You must stack cones onto PVC pipe or cone shaped goals. You have a bonus score if your tower is the highest. The main difference is that this game:
-will be a highscoring game like NBN
-has different shaped elements
-the elements are all the same color, its the goals that are different
-autonomous will still be a big deciding factor, but not to where it decides the match for you
-parking bonus from sack attack ( for all you who have done vex for a while)

to me it seems a lot like skyrise, and a little bit like sack attack and NBN. What are your thoughts?

The comparison I have seen online a lot in the last few days has been
Round up + skyrise

Round up + skyrise + nbn in my opinion.

It has the movable goals of round up, the stacking of skyrise, and the rush to score a limited amount of game objects that are on the field like in nothing but net.

You could descore in skyrise, so I wouldn’t compare it to that aspect.

I think it’s a lot more like Round Up. Although, it does have quite a few of the same aspects of SkyRise. RIP to fun VEX games.

But thankfully auton wont be all important. Another nbn element.

I disagree.

The 10 point bonus is relatively huge. It makes up for not having two higher stacks and will get you ahead of the game in general as in other years.

I think, similar to skyrise, it could determine matches.

It’ll be important, but I highly doubt it will have the impact of Skyrise. What you do in autonomous will be more important than what you score, like NbN. If you get an advantage on the field cones that could win you the game, even if the opponent gets the bonus.

Funny. It seems a lot like the 7682 Game Animation entry Tetra Trouble! It was 2nd place this year and given the similarities with In The Zone we really feel like our game design skills are improving. Obviously the GDC didn’t use our animation entry since the design would have been in progress well beforehand nor did we know anything about the real game.

In NBN, at the start many of us though lifting was unimportant. What we thought was unimportant turned out to be immensely important, 50 points was 12.5% of 400, around the top score made. A 10 point auto is around 4% of 240. So a third of really important could be just plain important. If we look at realistic match scores in competitive matches (maybe 120) , it is 8.3%. So it isn’t something to sneeze at.

In Starstruck, hanging was 12 points of 70, or 17%, and it had very little importance except for skills.

Hanging was a special exception, as it really had to be compared to swings, and took time where you could be doing other things. The 8.3% of the max “realistic” score that auto bonus represents is around the importance of the Skyrise bonus if you assume the max reasonable score to only be 120. I honestly think this is very low because 2 top tier alliances should have no trouble clearing the entire field at worlds, but it will still be important purely because he matches will be very close. So unless you can generate a bigger than 10 point advantage in cones without winning auto, the auto bonus will be important late in the season.

From my perspective I think starstruck should be an exception of it not being important because of how the game worked. There was no point in time when there was nothing else to score (like in nbn) because in order to score in starstruck you flung objects on the opposite side of the field and they would do the same. Hanging was not worth it in an actual match because there was so much more important things to be doing in the same amount of time, such as not being overwhelmed. Hopefully that all made some sense!

Hanging took up extra time away from scoring, being good in auto doesn’t.