For next year - add black tape on the red & blue tiles


I would like to propose an idea to encourage line followers in next year’s game and subsequent years too.

The line follower does not read much of a difference for the white tape line versus the red tile itself. So following a line on a red tile is pretty darn impossible. Blue is almost as bad.

I would like to propose outlining the white tape with black tape on the starting tiles. (Well, that is if any white lines go through the starting tiles next year that is… I have no idea what future games hold but in recent years it’s been the case.)

Without this, the line followers are pretty much semi-blind on the starting tiles. I understand there are gyros and other sensors but good old line followers have their place too.

Yes it means another roll of electrical tape but that’s not a terribly huge expense. Setup time should not be adversely effected much either.


Or don’t use starting tiles.:cool:

Clean sweep again.:slight_smile:

YESSSS!!! that would be awesome

Yes, I agree that would be pretty cool to be able to place your robot anywhere on the field!

Well in Clean sweep you had to touch the far side barrier wall, thats what I believe.

We’ve done many experiments with line followers on the blue and red tiles, and apparently those tiles are too bright for accurate line-sensing. It’s like the whole tile is covered with white tape! The robot goes into a “blind area” and has to compensate or get thrown off course.

What if Vex made the starting tiles a darker red and darker blue? Life would be so much easier…

It would be convenient for me when programming, but quite a hassle to replace 8 4 sq foot field tiles for my school when we host a competition.

Or, allow aligning partially out side the tile again.:cool:

Gateway & round-up again…:slight_smile:

Sorry, I just had to. I loved gateway, it is my favorite game so far. *Round-up *looked cool too, but I never played it. I guess I’ll see the new game soon, at worlds.