For next year - please add tape to the upper parts of clear plastic goals

For next year - please add tape to the upper part of the clear plastic goals (if there are clear plastic goals) :rolleyes:

As a fan, the edges of this years goals were very hard to see (we are often more than 12’ away.

As a roboteer, with glare of the overhead lights and safety glasses …

As someone that is vision impaired it makes it much more of a challenge to play …


In lieu of the fact that my team (thankfully) muzzled me when this topic came out. I’d like to simply +1 this request.

As someone who is legally blind, 20/100+ normally, 20/80 best corrected I cannot even begin to explain how much little decisions like this help.

Yeah, yeah you can’t cave in for the needs of the few everyday. We get it, but this is a infinitesimally small request. Just do it.