For Sale -2 complete starter kits and vexplorer $450

I thought the kids would be more into the vex side of things, but they want to go the Lego route. As a result, I’m selling everything as one complete lot. In short:

(2) complete starter kits with transmitter and receivers
(1) Vexplorer complete with camera
(1) Advanced gear kit
(1) Vex advanced hardware pack
(3) vexplorer led lights
(2) Programming Hardware kit
(1) EasyC programming language
(3) Ultrasonic sensors
(1) Light Sensor
(1) vex motor controller
(5) “Robot Battery Holders”
(1) 7.2 Volt rechargable Ni-cd battery
(2) 9.6 Volt rechargable Ni-cd battery
(1) Charger
(1) Crystal Upgrade Kit-A
(1) Rack gearbox bracket (contains two pieces)
(1) Slider Kit

I’m sure there are other bits and pieces that I don’t know where they came from, but thats pretty much it. If it doesn’t sell here, I’ll put the lot up on ebay. $450 paypal only/CONUS and you pick up the actual shipping costs.

If this isn’t a fair price, let me know. Ebay references available under userid: eggimann

We are interested in purchasing the kits. Please contact me. Thanks

Beat me to it… :slight_smile: Where are you located?

I’m in Massachusetts, just south of Nashua. Local pick up is an option.

Is it up on ebay yet? I tried to find it but couldn’t.

Its not on ebay. I think the first poster is buying it.

How much is an individual starter kit? I’m looking for a microcontroller and I wouldn’t mind broadening my inventory…

PS I’m 11. I started out with lego too!


i’d be interested in buying 1 starter kit, that’s it. thanks!

If the kits are the dual control I would like to buy . I am in Somerville and my brother lives in Westford and works in Nashua so we could P/U and pay cash or Paypal.