For Sale: 2 V5 Classroom Sets

We have 2 V5 Classroom sets for sale. One slightly used one never used. We got them in February 2019 and used one set them for states and then for about a week or so and then took apart.
The high school has so we don’t need anymore.
The batteries from both sets were used a little other than that the one set is completely unused.

I have the receipts to show when we bought them from Robot Mesh.
Please email me if you have any questions and for pricing.
Will take any reasonable offer.

Thank you,


These are sold already. I’m not sure how to remove the post.

It was from 9 months ago, so no one would have seen it unless you replied to the thread, like you have.

Alternatively, you could say something like,

@DRow, would you mind locking this thread? The kits have sold!

Anyways John boutta start talking about resale laws now.


It’s probably also so he can remove his email from it, which would also need a mod to do at this point.