For sale v5

For Sale :
V5 Bundle NEW:
-Brain with Brain Mounts
-Battery with Battery Clips
-Battery Charger
-Battery Cable
-Smart Cables
-USB to Micro
- 2 New Motors
-1 Very slightly used Motor

$450 for V5 Bundle (above)

Also for sale:
-3 New V5 Batteries - $125 TOTAL FOR ALL 3

Also for sale:
-New Gear Kit (2169) - (Retails for $12.99)
-New Ultra Sonic Range Finder - (Retails for $29.99)
-New Vision Sensor - (Retails for $69.99)
-New Potentiometer - (Retails for $12.99)
I will sell the above 4 listed items for a total of $100 for a SAVINGS of $25.96!


Are the batteries available separate from everything else?

Yes, I am selling the 3 batteries separate from other items.

Do you have any motor cartridges for sale? As in, 600 or 100 rpm?

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No, sorry we don’t. We will be posting pneumatics if you are interested.

Batteries are sold…

For Sale V5 Bundle - New

  • Lowering price to $400.
    See previous description

Hmmmm, could you hold that order for the v5 bundle? My school team would love to get their hands on one of those

How long are you thinking? When would you be able to pay?

Could you hold it until 12pm tomorrow? I’ll link you up with them.
If they haven’t responded by 12 PM tomorrow, you can sell it off
Thanks for hilding!

Yes, let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!!!

Its weird how you just got V5 and already selling it…

Yes, we have done this for many years and just assumed we had one more year in us. Then, life took the team in different directions; moving out of state, etc…
So, sadly, we are selling off our equipment.

Would you sale the motors separate?

No, sorry. I have a couple of people interested in the bundle. If for some reason that falls through then I will reconsider. Thanks!

is the bundle still available?

Yes it is still available.

Seems I have miscalculated, for some reason my team doesn’t seem to be interested. Sorry to make you wait.

is the v5 bundle available?

Yes it is. Do you want it?