For the catapult, which engagements of it do we use aluminum on and which engagements do we use steel on?

this is my idea of where the aluminum and steel parts should be placed on the catapult. Is it right?

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actually it should be reversed. your bars holding the gearbox can be alum if mounted correctly and with proper bracing, the catapult arm is going to hit a hardstop, or get stopped by a length of string, and that’s going to cause an abrupt change in speed which results in high force, this high force will bend the alum very very easily, right now we have a steel cata arm with an alum platform for the discs to rest on. a huge tip I personally recommend is to purchase yourself a nice roll of the foam of the vex website, vex foam we have a layer of this on our hardstop to reduce the impact not only on our hardstop but the catapult arm, it also makes it a tad quieter.