For the intake...?

Do you need to use HS axles for your intake, my team is using 1.65 flywheels for our intake, and we were thinking of using LS axles for it.

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It is not very necessary to use HS axles unless the action of picking up the disc bends a LS one. LS would definitely work and would probably be better but if it’s really needed use HS.

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play it safe and use high strength axles

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We use low strength, and it works just fine, but if you think you need high strength, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Not always the case. HS has additional weight compared to LS and almost always has additional friction.


I use a high strength shaft on the first stage of the intake, the stage that sticks out of the robot. I use one here because a hs shaft won’t bend and this stage would be the one that receives the most contact and defense from other bots.

In all the other parts of the intake i use low strength shafts due to it being lighter and easier to put on the robot. There’s not a really good reason to use a high strength shaft here and other places that don’t receive much contact.


I’m using high strength axels for now until the my comp just to be safe. But I am still a noob lol.