For UNSC MCPO -- Drive Train Issues

I saw a post in the “official answers” forum about a tank-tread drive train that wasn’t working right.

I took a close look at your pictures and here’s what I think:

  1. Nice, clean build. Your metal is nice and shiny – is this a new kit? I don’t see the usual scars on metal pieces that are being used for the 10th time.

  2. Are the motors new? I’ve seen unbalanced drive problems caused by a motor in which the internal gears are stripped. Have you taken the belts off so you can see each motor driving the drive shafts separately? If only one of the four motors is running more slowly than the others, you will have your culprit identified. Check the motors on the slow side by pulling off the face plate on the drive end of the motors (not where the wires go in) and take a look. If you see loose white bits, your gears are toast. Replacing them with the repair kit is very easy, though.

  3. Your wiring looks fine. We did have one motor that got flaky when the wires going into the motor broke inside the insulation. It had intermittent contact, but it wasn’t reliable. Gently wiggle the wires going into the motors and see if the motor cuts out. If your motors are new, this is not likely to be the problem.

  4. If your chains are too tight the drive shafts can bind and run slowly. If the chain is so tight you can’t easily deflect it with a gentle finger-tip push, think about adding one link.

  5. Don’t laugh – check your software and make sure you are driving the motors in the right direction. If you have some y-cables, try that first. If the y-cable fixes your problem you have a software issue.

It’s a good clean design. Come back and let us know how it works.

The metal is new, it was a 35x35 super which I cut down to a 25x35. And its 3 motors that came w/ starter + one extra.
Thanks for the compliment on the clean build, I do quite like it.
But it was my stupid fault, I had one of the motors plugged into port 4 instead of 2 so 3 of 4 motors were working. :confused: I checked the gears because I though for sure one of the motors were stripped and thankfully they were fine.
Thanks for helping though. :smiley: