For vex turning point, what would be the best lift system?

For vex turning point, what would be the best lift system that would be able to accomplish the most or be good at just 1 thing?

Just look around on youtube at matches and reveal videos. That is really better than anything anyone can tell you here probably.

Either a ‘Cascade Lift’ or a ‘Double Reverse 4 Bar’

A DR4B (double reverse 4 bar) would probably be the best, but I’ve seen 6 bars do okay. Cascade lifts are just too difficult to get working at maximum efficiency, but the linear motion between it and a DR4B is a big help.

I feel that a DR4B would be WAY to complicated at least for our team. We are building a 6 bar. Can you switch out the shafts if you do not have them with L shafts? Would that be okay?

A DR4B looks hard, but once you get it it’s not bad at all. But maybe wait until the off-season to try one.

What is an L shaft? I commented on your other post with the same question.

Sorry I meant L channel not Shaft

A dumpster style lift with an arm on each side of the robot is the most effective (only requires one v5 motor and fits around any shooting mechanism). It picks up a cap and flips it to the opposite color passively. The idea is that you would only pick up caps of the opponent color and flip them to score as the lift rotates over the robot. It can also descore and is compact and firmly grips the cap.