Forced updates (V5 checklist)

The V5 Brain inspection checklist, among other things, contains a check for:
“Robot Brain has the latest firmware listed on
This, unlike the rest of the checks, isn’t backed by any official game manual rule.

Is it just a reminder for the teams or an actual requirement for tournaments?
If the latter, I would strongly oppose such a rule.
With all respect, I don’t trust VEX enough to update in a week before a tournament. What if VEX releases on Friday?
What if the new firmware is broken like the recent Vex IQ release (people reporting port 12 no longer working)?

From an EP standpoint, this is actually an important checklist. For example, we will rely on the VEXos 1.0.3 to let us know your robot is connected to the field and your robot is running your program. If the radio turns green to red, then we know one of two things - your robot stopped running your program or your cable unplugged from the field. This is HUGE for inspection and referees as feedback. VEXos 1.0.3 also has a better event log.

I trust VEX more than I trust many teams on the software front when it comes to releases.

just my 2 cents…

I agree. I would absolutely not do a firmware update that close before a tournament unless you are already experiencing problems that the update claims to fix.