Forcing a trap: Legal or illegal?

I was reading through the Game Manual, and a scenario quickly came up in my head when I read the trapping rule. If your robot was the one trapped, and the opposing robot moved away, but you kept following them, would that mean that the trap continues?
By rule G15, “A Trap is officially over once the Trapping Robot has moved away and the Robots are separated by at least two (2) feet (approximately one (1) foam tile.) However, if you were to keep following the Trapping Robot, and stayed within one foam tile, would the Trap still be active?
I would think this is a violation of Rule G14, but I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered this before.

Most referees will agree that the trap had ended (because there is now a way to escape), and now the robot that had been trapped is taking up a new posture, that is, pushing against the opponent in a defensive manner.

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I think if you only move within 1 tile away and continue trapping after that then they continue counting the trap from where they left off, but moving one tiles away resets the count

I would also like to pose another question: If you have a wallbot, and the opponent intentionally stays in the zone that you are walling off, do you get penalized for trapping? Think of it as they know what area you are going to wall off, and they intentionally keep their robot there.

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Last year’s reffing video stated that for a trap to count, the trapped robot must be making an active attempt to escape.
I’m assuming that this will also be the case for this year


By the game definition of trapping;

Trapping - A Robot is considered Trapped if an opposing Robot has restricted it into a small, confined area of the field, approximately the size of one foam field tile or less, and has not provided an avenue for escape. Trapping can be direct (e.g. pinning an opponent to a field wall) or indirect (e.g. preventing a Robot from escaping a corner of the field).

The trapping should end if there is an avenue of escape.

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You can’t trap a robot that isn’t trying to escape.