Forget Simone Giertz - Why Matt Bevin?

I kind of forgot about this what with my focus on actually competing, but I was rather shocked to see Governor Matt Bevin speak at VEX Worlds. Simone Giertz may use salty language, but her intentions and meaning were never bad. Matt Bevin, however, has been condemned by bipartisan resolutions in the Kentucky statehouse for comments blaming sexual assaults, among other things, on teachers striking for better wages and school funding. Perhaps worse yet, his response to widespread backlash has been a virtual no apology. That seems highly inappropriate for an audience of children to me, and I hope that VEX takes a moral stand against such speakers, regardless of political convictions or monetary support.

The Governor represents the host state. As guests of Kentucky, we should be honored that KY deems it important enough to clear the Governor’s calendar to have him there. Look past the person to the state he represents.

Despite being problematic to get to, I have found that Louisville experience has been getting better each year. Still room for improvement.

If we go down this thread of politics, the discussion is likely to fall apart quickly and end up polarizing everyone.

@Aponthis - can you move this thread to chit-chat - it is not really about competition.

My favorite thing he said last year was “maybe one day I’ll work for you” as if public servants didn’t already work for us.

All said I think his address was excellent and was perfectly neutral while trying to promote his state and what it has to offer. I have serious doubts that the 45th 42nd economy in the union will suddenly become a engineering and manufacturing meca, but it’s nice to have goals.


I found that quite laughable… His whole speech was rather funny in that way. Most of the people/teams there don’t care about his state I’d expect, they have other state/country loyalties. So it was hilarious watching him tell us how he wants us all to come there and power KY.

I put it here because it is about Worlds - a competition. It’s not a random topic, it very much has to do with VRC.

I had no issue in the past with the governor speaking at Worlds, as I understand this. However, the state legislature made it clear that his vile comments do not represent Kentucky, and it is disappointing that VEX did not take issue with them.

I had no problem with his speech, just his comments preceding the event.

So I think REC/ VEX had to do a last minute switch because of this.

Yes, that is the reason for the switch. I thought the replacement she suggested, Alie Ward, was a great speaker. According to one of the girls I took to the event Alie’s presentation was very “uplifting and inspirational.”


Terrible, pray she heals well.