Forklift (DSRobotics) HD Video & Images

This is my Latest Robot, a Forklift Robot.
The full video is below
Vex Robotic Forklift HD Video

Looks very nice … well done !

Very Nice, keep up the good work

That is very nice…

Are you going to re-post your Video???

I would love to see it in action…

Very nice! Have you considered using flatter pieces of metal for the forks so that you can slip under loads instead of having to poke through them? There are objects that forklifts might have to lift that don’t have big holes in them.

In Round Up, we found that L-channels are good prongs for a forklift. If you want me to post some pictures, just ask!

The links has been re-edited on my original post on this thread, works for me? if not it’s Here

I did use flat forks in one of the early stages of building this robot, which would of been more realistic as they use flat peices of hardened steel (which are very strong), where as VEX just uses thin sheet of metal you would have to pack it out several layers for it to be flat. Also with the weight it was lifting it was most likely to bend when lifting when using this method.

The L section Method I did try.
It would work, but you would still have the 90 degree angle either sticking up or down (if it was sticking down then you would restrict the “lowest height” the robot could lift off the floor or have an ugly bit of metal sticking up!

I used the parts I used for the forks because they one of the strongest I tried, as they consisted of 4* Standoffs & 2off 2x1 Rails - I had to choose between having the forks being able to ‘touch’ the floor or go for the higher lift option because of where I had my standoffs, & I went for the latter!

It would have been nice to modify my Forklift so that it could lift directly off the floor, but tbh I’m dying to get started with my pneumatics kit!

Ah, I see. On our forklift, we had the 90" angle stick up, as sideplates to help hold the game objects in place. I suppose that wouldn’t work as well for yours though, as it would restrict the size of the objects you could lift.

And so it is… Very Excellent… I like the “Toxic Spill” at 07:35

Lift Truck forks are made of Spring Steel, because they will Give a Little rather than Snap…

Also, something to think about… Large Hi-Lifting Trucks can be made with a Tail ( of Spring Steel ) to act as a Counter Balance and Stabilizer.

My Paternal Grandfather was an Electrician for 27 years at Towmotor, which became Caterpillar, which became Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.. They had at the Dallas, Oregon plant where they Built the Big Ones, a Hi-Lift Truck with a Tail ( nicknamed The Salamander ). This tail not only provided more weight on the opposite side of the Center of Gravity of the Load, but worked just like the Pole in the hand of a Tight Rope Walker. Of course this increases the Tail Swing tremendously…

From the stories I have heard, the Tail was 2 or 3 times the length of the Lift Truck, with large Wheels of Spring Steel on the end of the Tail for additional weight… My dad, working there on a summer job while in High School, replaced Florescent Lights up 4-5 Stories in a Man Carrier on the Salamander.

I think your choice of Forks were a good Trade-Off…

Keep up the Good Work…

Here’s the Files for the Code if anyone wants a peek

Code Link