Forum cultered with deleted posts

When I opened the forum the outer day, I saw that all the last posts on the all the conversions that I could see (with out scrolling) were deleted. To me, this makes the forum look not so nice, and I would like to ask (if I may) that Hume ever is posting the posts that are deleted, please stop. I am not a mediator or administrator but a flow teem on the forum.

They were trolls, and the forum moderation team has suspended their accounts.

OK, does this happen often?

More than it should, yes. However, changes have been made to improve this, automated spam bots used to be much worse, and they’ve certainly cleared up now.

Even after a troll has been deleted, the threads that they posted in still say: “[deleted] posted 20 hours ago.” Is there a way I can change this on my personal settings to make it so it acts like deleted post were never made?



The mass of benefits of EsoTalk.

I canned a video i did about the forums and the move to EsoTalk, it went from a coherent argument to just plain old rambling. I was too worked up about it. I may revisit the topic.

I always love to see the videos Cody. Good job!

Anyways, back to the discussion. I remember when I signed up, my account took like 2 or so days to be approved by administrators. Does this still happen? That would surely cut down on the amount of spam we get. (Even though it is way better than we used to get)

Basically yes, although some get through. The mods here and even us users police these forums pretty well. I’ve worked with Karthik to deal with some major forum issues that have come up in the past. A spammer once posted some significantly greater than PG13 material here and I got ahold of Karthik on Facebook and he was able to handle everything from his phone.

The guy who was banned recently wasn’t a spammer, he was more of a verbose troll. I don’t know why his threads and posts were retained in any capacity, there should be a “don’t include the gravestones” button.

Oh well. That’s kind of besides the fact.

As for my stuff, I wish I had more time. Things with college just keep getting worse as I get closer to graduation. My push to graduate a year sooner has taken a toll on me. On a positive note, things are going well now that I’ve started uploading again! Thanks for the support.

I sinned up six weeks ago, and it did not take long, I got the email in a few minuets confirming my account.

That was before they got strict with account making due to spammers.

Might be fun to make a chrome extension to give VF a better UI, and add a couple features like the one you just noted.