Forum disruptance

Hello everyone! I have been seeing a disruptance in the forum lately. @enothecool and @RNA’s accounts are both on hold/suspended because their posts are being flagged. They both have potential to bring incredible information to the forum, and they cannot do that if their accounts are on hold. To conclude this, I would like to ask the question: does suspension/hold happen by mods or automatically? To the person constantly flagging posts, I would like to ask them to stop.

if by mods

if by mods or DRow, I’m sure there is a reason and I respect your choice

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LOL!! You are tooo funny!!



Also before you hate on me, I get that some to a lot of their posts were unhelpful. However, they have useful information and those were being flagged too.


There are norms that are expected of forum members.

Every one has potential to contribute incredible things. But, there are some who do not live up to their potentials.


For how long?? I would like to see them active again!


Eno is until may and we dont know for butter+toast


It is. If you want to discuss this further, pm me.

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Why PM? Best to let forum members work out the issues with forum admins than insert oneself in specific issues.


They were silenced by the mods.
We want to see quality posts like this one

we don’t want to see topics used as ongoing chat between forum members, take that to private message or some other platform like discord.


The conversation they were giving was mostly spam, therefore should be taken to a PM

I am not in a position to know the exact reasons for the suspension, but I have my own speculation.

For those who knows me long enough (either via forum or competitions), you will know that I normally take the side of the students and try to fight for them.
But for this issue (of misusing the forum), I am in total agreement with the moderators, mentors and senior members.

I am not going to sugar-coat my post. And for all that you know, I might be suspended after this rant as well.

To all the new VRC students and forum members - take what happened to that two self-styled heroes as a lesson learnt.

  1. This is an OFFICIAL VEX forum.
    So stop using this as your personal playground. If you want to have your own ways, then go and set up your own discord server. Your discord, your rules. But over at the official forum, you abide by the rules set by the moderators and you need to display and encourage the values and ethos of VEX.

Be respectful to everyone in the forum - and this includes all the memes making fun of others. If you are having fun at the expense of someone else, then it is wrong and it is a form of disrespect. And of course this will include all the meaningless one-liner jibes / replies / posts.

And as i said, if you find that your values and your worldview does not agree with VEX (and the official forum), then please go somewhere else.
eg. making fun of someone that was contributing and making meaningful posts? trying to discourage sharing on the forum? Making half-truth or ill-informed accusations / posts?

Some of the old-timers and mentors over here (eg. @jpearman , @technik3k , etc) constantly give out good suggestions and technical posts, but you don’t see them making the forum as their playground.
I would strongly suggest that all the new members learn from them on how to contribute in the right manner.

  1. Real contribution is measured by the quality and content of the posts.

You don’t need to reply or make a statement to every posts in the forum.
I am really sick and tired of seeing some inexperience VRC/VEX members dishing out the wrong “advice” or suggestions.
And when someone else try to re-direct the OP to the correct directions, some of you ganged up and crowd out the real good advice.

Posting memes or meaningless one-liners, chalking up the number of likes are not real contributions.

And please, refrain from making unnecessary comments or wrong advice if you are not sure of the issue(s) at hand.

  1. We don’t welcome prima donna attitude (ok… i admit, this is not written in the forum rules).

But for your own developmental sack, stop thinking that you have attained nirvana or enlightenment just because you have successfully built your 1st working robot or won an award in some regional competitions.
There is a big big world out there.
Even for myself, I still learnt something new every year that i visited EC3 (and if you don’t know where is this place - get yourself acquainted with the amazing mentor, Jason Neagle, he runs the robotics lab over there).

The real greats or legends are usually humble and never stop learning.

So stop trying to style yourself as some forum superheroes or worse, a rebel without a cause.
And by the way, this will also include all the attention-seekers as well.

Ok… I am done with my rant.
And now I awaits for my forum’s fate in the hands of the moderators. lol…


I must admit that, seeing as I am fairly new to the forum, this statement describes me. Looking back on one or two of my posts, I have indeed replied before I understood the situation (and made one downright incorrect post in particular) , and I sincerely apologize for any confusion I have caused. And I quite agree that the forum is NOT a social media platform. Don’t treat it that way, people.


I remember with the Tower Takeover memes thread it went from, instead of people posting memes of the new game, to back and forth conversations with 2 people at a time about… idk things that werent about the memes in the thread.

Same here. For the complete opposite reason. Thankfully, the next week should have the most on-topic conversations the Forum has seen in quite awhile.

The posts coming from these two users had gotten completely out of hand. To put this into perspective, these two have had 110+ posts (rightfully) flagged, and 200+ posts deleted. They should actually be thankful that they’ll have the ability to be unsilenced at all. (2016 DRow would not have been so generous)

Seriously, I could buy quite a few Christmas presents if I had a dollar for every post I’ve seen about “Shrek: The Musical” in the past 2 months.

All forum users have this potential. Some would rather just continually flood it with meme posts and off-topic comments that bring nothing to the conversation. (I’ve been thinking of a very particular clip from “Billy Madison” quite a bit lately)

As James said above, forum silences / suspensions can only be done by mods. (In both of these cases, me)

I get that these guys are younger, and are just now getting their first exposure to the vast world of the internet. It’s exciting to post your thoughts and opinions for others to see for the first time. That said, the VEX Forum IS not, and WILL not be a place for pointless chatroom discussion. Take that to the 2500+ message PM or one of the dozen VEX-related Discord Servers, since you know, those were actually intended to be a chatroom.

I’d like to ask these people to continue flagging posts. Community moderation is one of my favorite things about this forum software, and more often than not, the flags are 100% warranted.

Absolutely not, as no forum rules were broken. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that I’m done responding to posts, I’d like to gently remind everyone to re-read the Forum Rules if you haven’t done so in awhile. Specifically the parts under “Improve the Discussion”, and this particular line

Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button.

That goes for “Preach Brother (20 characters)” also…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


If I could give this the solution, I would. However jpearman posted first. Thank you for addressing this

Just in case someone doesn’t read meng’s post to one of his most important points. Being humble and not thinking you know it all will take you a long way. Well said meng.

The more I learn the more I understand I know so very little.


Sorry about that, I get a little carried away sometimes