Forum feature requests

I suppose this is the best place to post feature requests for the forum, so here goes:

I’d like to be able to relate threads (or posts), gallery images, and code so they can be easily navigated as related resources. For example, if I have a thread talking about a Line follower, I’d like to be able to post pictures, as well as code, and have all three resources automatically link to each other. The thread might get “related pictures” and “related code” links, and the gallery page might get “related threads” and “related code” links, etc.

[EDIT] I am currently doing this by adding “t=#” or “p=#” keywords to my gallery images and code. For example, I add “t=2579” for thread 2635, or “p=20390” for post 20390. That way I can include search links in the thread or description fields. This works OK, but I’d like it to be more automatic and foolproof.[/EDIT]

When you search the forum, and particularly when you click the “New Posts” link, you get a list of threads. Each thread has a list of page links (1 2 3 … last) to take you right to that page. I’d like a “first unread” link added to any thread that has unread posts. Currently, I have to go to the thread, and then click on View First Unread link in the red bar. I’m lazy and would like to do this in one click.


  • Dean

If you click on the thread in the top left of the first post there is a view first unread post button there.

Right - that is why I said:

I want the View First Unread link on the original thread list too.


  • Dean

If you look right next to the “view first unread” link, there is an arrow pointing down. This arrow appears next to the unread posts after you click on “new posts” on the homepage. Click on the arrow and it should take you to the first unread post of that thread.

Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. I just thought it was decoration; didn’t realize it is actually a live link. Very nice.

As for my other request, a way to cross-link gallery images with threads and code, does anybody see an issue with adding “t=#” or “p=#” keywords? Is there is a better way to do it? Will cause keyword bloat if everybody starts to follow this convention?


  • Dean

you might want to put these requests to vBulletin, vex can edit the forums PHP code but theres a time problem and theres the fact that editing the forum and making a code error could render the forum useless

Jelsoft has provided an extensive amount of plugin ‘hooks’ in the newer versions of vBulletin – many of your suggestions may already have plugins created, or could be easily created. Please suggest any features that you think will make your forum experience more helpful, enjoyable, etc., and they will all be considered.

I would like to see a feature that allows you to embed youtube videos, that would be tight.

In general i think the forum needs to have a differnt homepage to display in bold text new posts ect…

Sort of like the homepage of, it displays ongoing projects of users as well as new posts.

Vex should also have a wiki, for any new builder it would be useful to have step by step tutorials for gear shifters, arms, drive systems, gear systems ect… It would be a great resource for people to post any machine that they have built.

A couple “wish list” items have come up:

  1. It would be nice to have a White Papers section for people to post extensive documents, as well as photos.
  2. A couple sub-forums that I would like to see are a) a College/University section and b) Career section.

I think these features would be beneficial to the users of this forum.

I agree that a College section should be considered, but I find myself wondering if a Career section would really be used. What do you guys think? Would the volume justify a sub forum?

Typically we wait until we have a lot of posts of a certain topic, THEN split them out into their own forum. Do we have a large volume of career posts?


We don’t have a large number of career posts YET, but part of my request is expanding this community to include people who haven’t found a place to “land” yet.

I have a Vex team of 10 students, 4 girls, who have a lot of questions. I tell them, “Go on the forum and ask.” But they feel completely lost on Chief Delphi – it is FRC dominated and way too big for them to navigate around. Because we are only involved in Vex, there’s very little on the forum, outside of their specific question that they can understand or follow. I tell them, “just stick to the career section” but they don’t know the people yet and don’t feel like it’s “their community.”

The Vex forum is much more manageable in terms of volume, and there are many topics that my students would be interested in if they stayed there long enough to post and read. But because the topics are almost exclusively technical, some of the females on the team in particular don’t feel comfortable posting “auxiliary” questions. Every now and then, there are a few interesting “social” topics in “Chit Chat”, but it’s not enough to draw them as regular readers or even get them to sign up for their own account. So I end up asking a lot of questions for the team that they could be asking themselves.

The Vex community isn’t just about building robots – it’s about training students who build robots as. As the program expands to include a variety of students, the forum should as well.

I would send them to the General Forum of This is a great landing location for topics of any kind. I know Chief Delphi can be intimidating and there are always people saying “post in the right forum”, but I believe VEXforum has a lot less of this. Your students should be welcomed with open arms.

If enough career posts pop up then we will open up a sub-forum for them.

OK, I will push them to post when we meet again after break.

P.S. I just noticed that I’ve graduated to “senior.” :slight_smile:

Is there a way to see a list of threads that I have Followed? I see notifications when someone posts, but I was hoping I could use this feature like a bookmark to go back to the thread as well. Less cumbersome than creating a favorite in my browser especially since I access from multiple computers.