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@DRow @Brandon_Martus The “Feedback” button is quite intrusive in small viewports (mobile devices, etc.), and, even on large viewports, I find it distractingly bright in color. Can something be done to address this, such as a user setting to disable the button?



I think it would even be fine if it was moved to account only pages, it just causes a lot of viewing problems on the main discourse layout as of right now.

Maybe Restrict to pages?

I don’t know about that. It still covers content on account pages (on mobile devices).

I think it just needs to be moved somewhere where Discourse already has buttons/links and needs to be styled like the surrounding buttons/links.

For example, right-aligned inline with the “Log Out” link in the user menu:


Or below the “FAQ” link, inline with “Mobile View”/“Desktop View,” in the hamburger menu:



We disabled on mobile and moved to the bottom on desktop/tablet mode.


Have you tried the app instead? Search for discourse hub on Apple and google app stores. You can connect any discourse server to it. That button does not exist there.

The Discourse app does not work is useless for self-hosted forums like the VEX Forum. And it does nothing differently from simply opening a Discourse forum in a web browser.


While I am sure you are having a bunch of fun with discourse this morning, would you ever consider using the lock after one year of no activity function like you set up for CD?


That is a question for the all-powerful @DRow


<In response to a deleted post>

I double-checked the functionality of the Discourse app.

Its notification feed feature only works for officially hosted Discourse forums. Other than that, it really has no features — it is just a wrapper for a web browser. “Installing” your forums as progressive web apps would provide a more seamless experience.

You don’t see the “Feedback” button because @Brandon_Martus removed it from the mobile view. This has nothing to do with the Discourse app.


FYI, the feedback button never ever was shown in the app. The css must have been completely ignored. I was trying to be helpful and give a more complete understanding to the issue.

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I see.

I’m really not sure how that’s possible given the Discourse app literally is just a wrapper for a web browser (and theoretically has no control of the content of the page beyond specifying the URL to load), but whatever. It doesn’t matter now anyway.

What is actual purpose of the feedback box?

The question “How you would rate your experience?” seems very ambiguous to me.

Does it apply to my experience of VEX Forum site or Discourse software? Then I would expect it to go away after I answered it once.

Does it apply to the specific thread or category? Then what type of feedback is expected.

Honestly, the first time I saw it, I thought the site was hacked and somebody injected some sort of cross site scripting exploit.


So you are telling me that there is a chance. @DRow would you be so kind and enlighten us? :blush:

I just enabled a one year auto-lock. I don’t think that Discourse will go back and retroactively lock every thread that hasn’t been touched in over a year, but it should at least apply that to any threads created from now on.