Forum Login Issues

There seems to be an issue with not being able to login to the forum for most people. I’m still logged in from before which is why I can post this (I seem to be one of the lucky few that still can), but tried on a different browser and can’t get in either.

Yes, same for me this morning i received a force logout error on all but one of my devices. I can only post on that device.

Yes, I got logged off on my phone and my laptop yesterday, and I haven’t been able to log back in. Here’s what happens when I try to log in on my phone. And yes, I’m sure the password is correct. If it wasn’t, shouldn’t I get an incorrect username or password error anyway? I’m not sure why it auto fills the account’s full email either, but that’s not important.

Does anyone know if the proper authorities have been notified, or if the issue is even on Vex’s side? Could it be esoTalk acting up? @DRow, @Karthik, if they haven’t become aware of the issue yet, can you let the server tech guys know about the problem? This is a pain for me because I use Vex Forum on my phone mostly (doesn’t need Wi-Fi to work, and I check on the go), and I’m at least logged in. I know at least one other person is completely locked out, since Michael Nutt posted a comment about it on YouTube.

My account is completely fine. If I try to log in on Vivaldi this occurs, but I am fine on chrome.

Are you able to log in? That’s where the issue seems to be. I also can’t set up a new account, which isn’t a problem for me, but it is for prospective members.

Login should be working again. (I logged into post this.)

One of our servers needed some attention.

I can only access from my iPad. I’m sure the IT folks will sort this out tomorrow, it happened once before.

Edit: … and 12 seconds later it’s fixed :slight_smile:

Works just fine now.

Thank you! It’s up and running again!

Yay i have been logged out for 2 full days!


I love you, IT gods!

Darn, I thought I would be the last one able to post!

Thanks for the server TLC!

My voice is back! Thank you!

I wasn’t affected, but I’m glad to see some life on the forums again.

Longest you’ve ever gone, I’m sure. :wink:

It was ;(

But it did help me as I wasn’t distracted studying for my SAT :slight_smile:

My work laptop is fine but home is not. but it may just be timing now. Anyone who mayhave fixed it care to post?

Until yesterday I couldn’t log in for a few days now. I filled out the “forgot password” form and now I can log in from any device without any issues.

Everything is working fine for me