Forum Member System?

Hey so I’ve been on this forum and i want to know how I can be promoted to something more than a junior member. Is it based off how long you’ve been here present on the forums or on something else? Thx

No, it’s the number of posts you have, which has led to … interesting designationscough 44 is just a member cough cough*

  Wow I figured it had something to do with the amount of of time a member has been on the forums or the amount of time of that has passed since they created their account, do you by any chance know what it takes to become a senior member

100 posts.

Make sure they are quality posts as well, don’t just post a lot to become a member/senior member

For senior member. For member (without the “junior”), I believe it’s 30 posts.

I’ve been a senior member for the last 3744 posts, we need another level :slight_smile:

You mean you can’t turn in your postings for cash? But… But all this time I’d thought… :frowning:

Being top ten is a level in of itself. I am trying claw my way to top 5 at the moment.

The murdomeek barrier might take a while.

Quality vs quantity, QUALITY vs QUANTITY!!

So work on 3,000 JPearman QUALITY posts.

… Ahhhh yes murdomeek, I do miss him (it?) :rolleyes:

Horray for me!!! First time showing my face on the first page!!!

If Karthik deletes this thread for being pointless I wouldn’t argue… …

For the weight of your posts, you should almost get Double Points…

I have a mix, so Heavy, Some Pointless… :wink:

I see I am still in the Top 5…

( Note to Self: Need to get back to More Vex Hacking… And Post relevant topics more often )


I guess I can try but as a beginner I don’t have much to say that can people that have been in the game far longer than I have, it seems I’m the one that needs to read quality posts for knowledge first xD