Forum password isn't working in the STEM Labs

My login for the forum won’t work at:

Is everything synched up? Should I try a password reset?


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(It might just be better to skip to the edit)
I’m confused you are in the forum now, so are you trying to use a separate forum account for other the applications such as listed in the link you provided? A VEX account can be used at any of those applications, but a separate forum account can only be used for the forum. Did you have a forum account prior to making a VEX account?

Edit: a forum account can only be used for the forum. A VEX account can be used for more than just the forum (a forum account isn’t a VEX account but a VEX account can be used as a forum account)


The VEXForum login and VEX login are completely different and require separate accounts. You would have to make your own account.

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You have to make a new account for VEX SSO (single-sign-on). The certifications site and presumably STEMlabs too exclusively rely on a VEX SSO account.

If you use the same email address for VEX SSO as you did for the forum, the accounts should sync together so you can log on to your existing forum account through VEX SSO.

(At least this was what I gathered from my experience.)