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Hey all!

An idea I had…
It seems that sometimes here on the forums people have problems that they post, they get a good answer which fixes their problem, and the thread gets pushed off the homepage and into oblivion. When someone else comes along with a similar problem, we go “Oh, I know there was a forum thread about that recently, but I can’t remember where or what it was.”
Now I know that the search feature is very good for looking up things like that, but sometimes you don’t even know what keywords to search for (or you just remember generally who posted the solution, not what it talked about)
So, I propose that we create a Forum Reference page on the VEX Wiki. Whenever someone that has a question or problem that would likely be applicable to more than just that one team, someone takes that thread URL, adds a descriptive title (and their forum name), and puts it (in it’s correct alphabetical spot) on the Forum Reference Wiki page!


Hi guys! When I turn on my robot, it either doesn’t move at all, or it drives straight forward and won’t stop until we chase it down and turn it off. What’s wrong?

Here’s my code:

task main()
  motor[port2] = vexRT[2];
  motor[port3] = vexRT[2];
  motor[port4] = vexRT[3];
  motor[port5] = vexRT[2];


It appears that there are a few things in your code that may need fixing:

  1. You need to have a while(true) loop around everything. Otherwise, those statements only tell your motors to move once (which is what you’re describing)
  2. The sixth line probably should be: motor[port5] = vexRT[3];
  3. If you want to compete in a VEX tournament, you’ll want to use the competition template, instead of just a file with a main() task. You can make one by clicking File, New, Competition Template.

Thanks! My robot works great now!

The Helper Person (jsmartdude) then takes the URL for that thread, and pastes it into the Forum Reference Wiki page with a descriptive link title:

*[[/url] Robot stays still or drives forward and loses control - ROBOTC (jsmartdude)]

Several days later, someone comes along and posts:

Hey guys, my robot won’t move. I’ve downloaded the code several times, and made sure all the motors are plugged in. Can someone please help?

What does your code look like?

It looks like this:

task main()
  int LeftS = vexRT[3];
  int RightS = vexRT[2];
  motor[LeftD1]   = LeftS;
  motor[LeftD2]   = LeftS;
  motor[RightD1]  = RightS;
  motor[RightD2]  = RightS;


At this point, the Second Helper Person (magiprogram) remembers seeing something about this a while ago in a thread, possibly from the First Helper Person (jsmartdude). He goes and looks it up on the Forum Reference Wiki page, finds the “Robot stays still or drives forward and loses control - ROBOTC (jsmartdude)” link, and gives it to the original poster.

Try going here:

Hey thank you man!

This way, the Helper Person:
A. Knows exactly where to look for the answer to this previously discussed question, and can quickly browse through the list on one page to find what he’s looking for.
B. Doesn’t need to spend time searching the forum with keywords that may or may not have been in that post he’s looking for.
C. Doesn’t need to repeat something that’s already been said; he can just link to the previous post.

What do you guys think?
Would making a Forum Reference Wiki page be a good idea?](

I think this is a great idea (I think the wiki is underused).

However, if people actually use it, the list will get long enough that searching/scanning it may become tedious. Particularly for subjects that are not crystal clear (e.g., “problems with robot control”) since there may be dozens of threads on that subject alone.

I think you need to break the page into general topic sections to limit the search. I suggest these for starters:
Control Problems (VEXnet)
General Programming (anything that doesn’t fit above)
3D CAD Hints
Folks that use it need to make sure to put a hint in each entry that will help them remember why it landed on the Wiki Ref page — don’t just copy the title of the thread. For instance, make sure to put EasyC or ROBOTC in the title of each programming topic (unless the advice/solution is common to both).

If the rest of the consensus is that this would be useful, I’ll commit to updating it when I contribute to a thread that seems worth referencing in the future.


  • Dean

Just off the Top of My Head…

vBulletin, being a Bulletin Board System is Like a Time Line… The Wiki is Free-form, and lets ALL Data be collected, from ALL Sources and then Concentrated Down…

We need an Easy Way to collect the Time Line Data ( vBulletin ), Compile It and then Condense it Down (Wiki), while allowing it to Refer Back to the Original Sources, ( vBulletin ) and have it Structured in an Easy to Navigate and Search way…

The Thread, Weird LED flashes on cortex and controller and (Reposted from Official Answers) Weird LED flashes on cortex and controller as well as others like it should be Summarized and placed in a list, most likely related to RobotC 3.05/3.06 issues…

We need something like a ( recent ) Top 10 List, ( with RobotC 3.05/3.06 Issues being one of the Top Issues) of Synopsis… Even the Ask the Experts sections can be a little too Un-Concentrated, and even Wrong ( See Is the second transmitter connected? and Re: Detecting secondary controller (transmitter) in ROBOTC ).

I would love to see a Wiki Entry, that Summarizes the LED and Dropped Wifi Issue with RobotC, that gives

  1. A Solution.
  2. References to Why that is (a/the) Solution.
  3. Links on How to Achieve that Solution, even if you don’t have any Idea what your are doing.

I would add #2 because:
I might want to know how the Solution was Developed, and use that Process as a Template for Solving other Solutions.
and add #3 because:
I can not recount the number of Times I have found a Solution for a Problem on the Internet, that requires you to know how to Solve 3 other problems, first.

On TOP of all this, we need a to teach “How to Ask a Good Question”… I am working on a Greatly Over Enhanced, Beginners Manual to the Vex Forum… ( One of the Worst Examples of Feature Creep I have seen ), and I really do need to get it finished…