Forum Server Errors

Yesterday, I couldn’t access the forums at all.; it simply acted like the server was down. As of now, I cannot respond to conversations, many of which I cannot see in the first place because esoTalk throws an error at me. I’ve tried this on about 5 computers. Assuming this posts, what’s going on? I may have missed a maintenance announcement or something – are others having this problem? Thanks.

Yes. Issues all yesterday made the forum unaccessible and today is it almost unusable.

I couldn’t reach the website at all yesterday, forum and shop both.

Something to do with the election?..

Has anyone else been getting logged out? I have to log back in every time I turn my computer back on “for security reasons”.

I don’t see how the elections would affect this forum. Not sure what’s going on.

There are a lot of political jokes I could make in response to this, but for the sake of this forum and society in general I will not.

I have also been forced to log in a lot. Also, I can’t use auto quotes :confused:

I was also unable to log on yesterday, nor can I use quotes, nor can I upload images, nor can I use the forum search tool.

These issues should now be fixed. Unfortunately it looks like this was a result of the outage from a couple days ago, as a database setting got unchecked when our server rebooted. Everything should be back to normal now. I apologize for the inconvenience.

As always, please let me know if you run into any other issues.

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Thanks @DRow

Thanks as always :smiley:

@DRow I’m not sure if it’s related to the outage, but I still have to sign in frequently.

@puzzler7 I believe that they set the cookie that remembers the login to expire every 30 minutes (Or an hour. Can’t tell) as a means of stopping bot spamming.