Forum Tagging

I’ve noticed that I am never correctly tagged. It always looks like this -> @Got a Screw Loose and only tags the first two words of my name. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

I try to look at everything, but if someone wants to get my attention, I don’t get a notification. I suspect that it may be because I have so many spaces in my name. Or possibly because I have too many characters. Any ideas what’s causing this, or similar issues?

They probably adapted it for names which is why two words are allowed


you can dm drow for a name change

Any way this is a simple fix in the forum source code or something? Would really hate to have to change my name. I could just make it GotAScrewLoose, or Got_a_Screw_Loose, but both of those seem kind of offputting to me.

Known bug in esoTalk:

Last activity on the issue was 4 years ago, with no resolution.

It probably will never be fixed. Hopefully Flarum will not have this issue.