Forum Upgrade

Hey. I am thrilled with vex forums although there are a few things I am not exactly excited about. I think as a forum upgrade we should get MyBB( ). It is very good for forums and it also provides awesome plugins/mods. It isn’t very necessary but just a thought. What are your opinions.

I see no problem with the forums, what are the things that you are not excited about?

MyBB dosn’t seem to have an Android reader so forget it

It looks like very similar software, what are the actual differences?

Well i don’t like how it displays the last posted message first, I don’t really like the signature cut off, I custom groups could be set up better. I’m not saying the forum is bad, I like the forums. I was recommending better forum software.

This is fairly simple to switch on your account. Go to User CP-> Edit Options-> Scroll down to Thread Display Options-> Change Thread Display mode.

That’s a feature, not a bug:
Most of us don’t really want to look at 1/2 page long signatures.

Protip: coming in as a new user into a community and then immediately telling that community that they need an “upgrade” comes off as a little rude. I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way but it’s something to consider in the future.

I currently have no problem with the forums, although I would love to see a feature similar to “thanks” from xda-devs.

The signature size limit is definitely a good thing. For an example of the largest allowed signature size, see mine. If you can’t express your identity in that much space, maybe you need to be more concise or less interesting :p.

People have mentioned wanting a reputation / thanking system before, and I think it might help. In a lot of the threads on this forum getting the answer right matters more than having an in depth discussion, and quality responses can get a bit buried in lower quality ones sometimes. That’s especially problematic when a new member asking for help can’t necessarily tell the difference between another slightly less new member giving it their best shot and a very experienced member giving authoritative advice.