Forums tags to add

I’m not sure where to post this but there seem to be some fairly obvious tags that aren’t available when posting to the forums. For starters, I noticed these were missing:

sensor, distance, program, brain, controller, display, print, download, run

These tags are too specific. Tags are meant to be general, like PROS Supprt or General Discussion. The specifications come in what the thread is named. Tags are just meant to be general groups.


Many of those tags could easily be directed into the other section groups.

There are tags, which are usually added to posts manually (but usually left out) and are all-lowercase, and then there are categories (some of which are inside other categories), which include VEX IQ General Discussion, General Discussion (inside it), and Chit Chat / Rumor Mill.

Categories are usually more general, and tags are more specific. A post can only be in one category (but this category can be inside another one), but it can have an unlimited number of tags.

If you can’t find a tag you want, you can type one yourself and it will be created when you make the post. However, you don’t want to add too many tags, and they should be something useful, and which there would be a lot of posts about, and which isn’t already covered by an existing tag.

“Sensor” and “brain” would probably be good tags, and so would “programming”, but I’m not sure about “run”. “Program” would probably be covered under “programming”.

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I’m used to searching for tags that are fairly specific in other forums. Ones that are too specific get very little use and ones that are more broad or targeted to the topic (e.g. sensors) get used more often. I tried to add a new tag and it didn’t seem to let me but I’ll give it another shot.

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