Forward 2BC


Hello guys I would be pleased if u will help me with some ideas of intake to forward 2BC


I use a direct intake, with only one roller, but It’s easier to use a roller system that raises and rolls the balls into their carriages. I can send some pics later


You can see how we did it in this video:


What do you mean by forward 2 ball catapult? Do you mean intaking and shooting from the same side? If so, that is how we designed our robot though our catapult is pretty unique. I can post some pictures is a sec.


That would be nice if u send some pics


Ye thats exactly what I’ve meant. Looking forward for pics)


But his is a back intake, and loads from he back. At least last time I saw it it was.


yes I misunderstood what you meant by forward intake


Here are pics of mine,image image image image


Our girls had a rubber band roller on an arm that could rotate inward to take balls in, or rotate outward to flip caps over. It worked well, but a few times it got caught and ripped up the rubber bands and they were just about disabled.

This was changed and now uses the rubber conveyor pieces. The picture below shows it prior to gearing up the motor speed. It works real well and doesn’t get tangled.

The picture shows the roller in the raised position. At the start of the match, they turn on the conveyor that lifts the ball briefly. That is sufficient to lower the flipper mechanism for the match. This way they start within the 18 inch restriction. They also added an extra set of flippers on the shaft you see extending on the left - just because they could make it longer.



The balls come in the front, and are funneled to the conveyor. The balls rise up between the conveyor and a piece of 5x25 to where they are kicked out to a puncher which you see using that angled standoff.


The way you made that intake system work is ingenious! It looks like it is capable of intaking from both sides, correct?


I like the rubber bands on the chain. Is this to give additional traction when climbing on the plaform?


Yes it can intake from both sides


Yes it does help though we have since moved to just giving more power to the wheels.