Forward anti-tip

My robot’s base is currently around 16x18 because of the fact i need room in the front for my scoop. However, even though our robot is very back- heavy, it still tips forward when i pick up around 3-4 stars. A simple way to solve this problem would be to have bars coming out the front, but because of my driving style, i need my anti-tips to be able to roll, and be able to keep my base flat, so that my back wheels can get complete traction and not burn out. Can anybody help? Also i need this solution to be as small as possible.

Hmm… have you geared each side of your drive wheels together? This should solve the traction problem. Does the bot actually fall forwards?

well i my drive is a holonomic. and the only reason why my back wheels arent getting enough traction is because my robot is tipped slightly forward that causes the back wheels to slightly touch the floor compared to the front which sinks into the mats.

traction wheels are your friends

Our X Drive with traction wheels can’t be pushed or tipped at all. It works great!

How do you have an X drive with traction wheels?

By using traction wheels on our drive, we ensure that we don’t tip and don’t get pushed by not moving.

what is pushing you when you are not moving?

Aaaah, I thought you had a tank drive. With an X drive, you likely have a very high center of mass, meaning you have a completely different problem from what I thought. I recommend one of two options:

  1. the mini omni wheels on all metal sliders. These could pop out at the begonning of the match and be kept in a relatively small space.
  2. all traction X drive

This is the second person to suggest this. How would a traction X-Drive work??? Do I detect Trolling?

Not trolling. The sheer awesomeness of the idea breaks friction physics.

No, it doesn’t break friction physics; it transcends it. Long story short: quantum mechanics.

Sorry for the incorrect information. I want this forum to be filled with only the most cutting-edge help and facts.

I am just as confuzed… Physics shouldn’t comply with two wheels going against eachother when you’re trying to make the robot go forward, @Zort are you using omni-wheels or the wheels from the claw bots?

@1815 Delta II

This is a joke. Of course an all traction wheel X-drive wouldn’t work. That drive wouldn’t move at all (except for turning).

Yes, it is a troll. But this drive would be very good for turning… not practical in competition but perhaps elsewhere.

Is this going to start another robotics joke? First the infamous water game, now the physics breaking “High Traction” X-drive.

Such as NASA’s rovers :stuck_out_tongue:
I think a way to solve the solution of the robot tipping is by having an X-Drive which contains mecanum wheels. This allows the robot to cover a larger amount of space and it relies 100% with quantum physics.

As a serious note: you could have your wheel mounts pop out to form a on standard x drive. Think something like this: