Forward clawbot tipping issues

Hi, my team is currently building a forward-dumping clawbot using a 6-bar lift. We are currently encountering major tipping issues. When arm is halfway up, the robot tips forward if the robot is moved at all. When the arm is all the way up, the robot is susceptible to both forward and backward tipping. Does anyone have solutions for this problem? (Photos of the robot are below)

Ok, so the problem you are experiencing is with your center of gravity. I am going to give advice assuming that you don’t want to completely rebuild this robot.
For the forward tipping, you are gonna need some extending pieces of metal on the front of the base, this was when you tip forward the robot just hits those pieces of metal and rocks back. Another thing for forward tipping, your gear towers for the arm should be moved back as far as possible in order to change where your center of gravity is. This will alleviate or possibly eliminate your tipping problem.

The backwards tipping is going to take some more engineering, what you need are some wheelie bars, extending pieces of metal and flip out at the beginning of the match and prevent you from tipping.

Another thing you can do is make all the weight as low as possible. Move your batteries, and cortex as low to the ground as you can. This will lower the center of gravity making your robot more stable.

Make sure your wheels are as close to the ends of the (ideally 17.5") robot as possible, you might have to switch from the regular plate metal to standoffs to achieve this, but that’s generally a better option anyway, as it helps line up the metal more accurately.
You should also brace the towers with angled metal or standoffs, they probably bend a bit when carrying weight, which would exacerbate the tipping issue.
Although its already been said, if you can more your tower to the very back of the robot that would be ideal, you don’t need to have the elastic assist sticking out the back. Instead you can simply run the elastics on the lift scissors, like shown in the photo below.