Four bar cone lift

Does anyone know a space efficient way to mount the smaller four bar lift. My robot is plenty wide but has some issues being in size. I use a 25 long c-channel for my dr4b which gives me about 10 holes of length in the very front. I will also send pictures tomorrow. It would also be great if you could post examples too. Thanks

Yeah I think pictures would help, but from what I’m hearing, you are planning one of your four bars to be shorter than the other?
If that is the case, your dr4b is no longer linear and that poses some problems with lining up to stack, and definitely makes internal stacking near impossible past a certain amount of cones.

I think there was a misunderstanding. What I was meaning to say is that my dr4b is perfectly fine, but i only have roughly ten spaces in the front to put an internal stacker. Also, the end of the dr4b is very close to the mobile goal lift. I just tlked about my dr4b to give a better representation of my robot. This was my own fault because of the way i worded the question. Thanks for the input and ill remember to send pictures of what i am talking about within the next day.

You can have your internal stacker four bar fold in between your lift like @Zach929Y . Pictures would definitely help everyone greatly.

is there any forum post you could refer to where this is listed.

I’m not gonna leek without permission from @Zach929Y (definitely not just because I don’t have any pictures)

I’m not exactly sure what you want but I will post a picture of our states robot compacted I guess. image.jpgimage.jpg