Four bar material

So we are building a DR4B with a four bar on the top (I know, like everyone else). But we were building the 4 bar out of standoffs, and we realized it’s not as simple as it looks. So we were wondering if 1 x 1 L-channels would be strong enough? Has any team used them and have they worked for you?

I was able to build mine with c-channel.

We are just concerned with weight, how heavy is your robot?

I was able to. It works if you build it right.

Our chain bar up top is made with 1x2 L channel, half of a 5 wide. works fine so far

Our X team made theirs out of 1 bar.

We were originally going to use 1X1 L-channels but we ended up using standoffs. Using the L-channels is possible though.