Four-Bar Roller Intake?

Hello Vex forums, My team and I have had issues with the cones not being able to fit in between our 4 bars. How have you made your 4 bar mechanism for your intake as skinny as possible?

Have you tried using standoffs as the bars?

We use 1x1 L-channel as the arms for ours. We also mounted our dr4b so the sides are as far apart as possible so there is more space for cones to pass through

We really need pics

If you mounted the dr4b as far wide as possible, you should have no problem… How wide is your base?

your four bar should be as wide as possible. ours is 20 holes wide and we have zero problems with it hitting the cones

I believe our base is 16-17 inches wide and our dr4b is at the widest point with only one piece of c-channel on each side (so two c-channels total holding up our arm)

not yet but thanks for the tip!

You should post pictures because the dimensions you are saying normally are wide enough…

We have a 16 hole wide 4 bar and we can easily stack. My base is 18 x 17.5 and is large enough to fit everything we need.