four bar trouble

My team has built the base to our robot ,and our four bar design is ready but we don’t have enough space for it

This is more common than you know. It is a real challenge to fit everything you need in 18X18X18. The obvious answer is that you’ll either need a bigger base or smaller 4 bar.

Then modify it

Without pictures, there’s not much better advice we can give you

but the wheel in the middle is not there.

Maybe that middle wheel is not such a good idea.

Well, that’s a plan for a chassis, but you said you couldn’t fit the 4 bar, so in what way can you not fit the 4 bar and what other mechanisms are you building and in what ways do you think they will restrict the 4 bar? We will need more details to be able to help you with your problem.

yeah there is not enough space between it.Also Gear Geeks,i don’t have the wheel in the middle it is only the outside wheels,But the only reason why it is because the robot does not have that much space.

Got it. I misunderstood. That is a pretty standard chassis. Everyone has the problem of fitting everything in. That is pretty much the essence of robotics. You just keep modifying until it fits.

well i mean the robot only has it’s base so you’re cool.