Four Bar Vs. Double-Four bar Vs. Scissor Lift?

Four Bar Vs. Double-Four bar Vs. Scissor Lift? Which would be best for lifting a cube quickly and with six motors or less?

Let’s wind up ye olde recording. There are many threads on this same topic. Please don’t make a new thread when you have a question. Actually research it. As for my response, they all can lift a cube with 6 motors or less fairly easy, but a 4-bar is the best (So far. Bringing back 6-bars) for this game. I have a deeper response somewhere on a different thread, so I’ll leave it at that.

Hey thank you Nights, that really helps, and as for the other threads, I’m really new to the vex forums (infact i’ve only had this account for about an hour now.) aka I’m still figuring out the lay of the land. so thanks for the tips I’ll make sure I do more extensive research next time.

now just how do I delete this thread?

(I’m such a newb).

You can’t. Also, please don’t delete you original post. Even if the question as been asked before, it still may be helpful to other teams.

That’s all right. We all have to figure this all out at some point.

Welcome to the forum! I hope you find it helpful.

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Ok, awesome thanks.

Here’s a similar topic:

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