Four Bar vs Six Bar- Tipping Point

Hello everyone!
So, my team is currently redesigning our robot to prepare for the regional tournament in March, and we’ve been stuck in a dilemma.
Which should we build, a four bar, or a six bar?
We currently have the space to do either, and from what I’ve seen, they’re both efficient.
But, I struggle to see the difference, pros, and the cons of each of them in tipping point.
Can anyone help out?

Thanks a lot to anyone who always helps me out in times of need :smiley:

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Here is a useful video about 4 bars and 6 bars

I would probably go with a 4 bar because you don’t really need to reach that high in this game, and 4 bars are just simpler to build.


This really comes down to personal preference, but I would suggest using a fairly small four bar. I feel a six bar is a little excessive this year for you don’t really have to lift the mogo that high to stack it on the platform.

Hope this helps!

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It really depends on your design, but generally with a 6 bar you can get the same height as a 4 bar but in a more compact way. So if you’re very short on space a 6 bar might be good. But if space isn’t a concern, you really don’t need a 6 bar in the slightest, and a 4 bar will suit you just fine.


Well it really depends on what you plan to use the linkage mechanism for. A six bar is generally very overkill in vex; there isn’t much you can’t do with a four bar

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Well, some of my friends told me that a six bar gave more strength than a four bar, and that we would be able to stack the neutral goals with more ease. I’m not sure about it, but I’m sure y’all would know.
Is a six bar actually more powerful than a four bar?

if the lifts have the same gear ratio and the same length, they will have the same amount of torque and speed. There is nothing inherently more powerful about one compared to the other.


Thanks for the clarification

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I’m sorry to bring up a relatively old (21 days at this point) topic, but this was perfect for my question. My team is rebuilding our robot and we want to incorporate a mobile goal lifting mechanism that doesn’t take up very much space, but is able to easily stack the goals. Should we use a six or four bar? I’ve seen mentioned that a six bar takes up less space than a four bar (and it does appear that way in that one video), but what would be the pro for using a four bar? I haven’t made a six bar before and only have made four bars so I’m not sure which I should use in this case.

It is true that 6 bar would take up less space. If you’re wanting to save space or reach higher that would be the better option. If you aren’t worried about space and you don’t need the height (i can almost guarantee you won’t in this game), and you want the easier option when it comes to building, I would go with the 4 bar. For this year I would say its really up to whether you want to save space or have a faster and easier build.

My team uses a four bar for something like this. It performs very well.

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