Four prong ports on Cortex

On the cortex, there are three four wire ports, UART 1, UART 2 and I2C. I know for a LCD monitor, you must use one of the UART ports, however is a motor encoder able to be programmed to the I2C port, or not?

The I2C port is used for integrated motor encoders.

You daisy chain the IME’s together to get readings on the motor they are attached to. IME’s are the sensors that attach to the motor, not the big red quad encoders.

I would write more but this page really does explain pretty much everything you need to do with the IME.

One word of warning, they are susceptible to static discharge. It may or may not come into play this game but when we all had big plastic scoops picking up bean bags the static discharge was horrible.

Thanks for the help. We are not experienced with the Motor Encoders and this definitely helps.