FrcCode.hex verse FRC_default.hex

Can I simply download the hex file to the RC : Frc.hex and/ or FRC_default.hex without compiling the user_routines.c or main.c?
In other words, if we aren’t making changes to the code-must it be compiled?
Just for clarification, it would be a huge help if we knew exactly what the difference between Frc.hex and FRC_default.hex is.
And second, to know precisely what actions -as is-will user_routines.c perform.

**Yes, you can simply download a hex file to the RC without compiling it. You do not even need to download at all, the RC comes pre-programmed. There are 2 hex files contained in the project you can download from our web site. They are the FrcCode.hex and FRC_default.hex files. The FrcCode.hex file is a file that is created new each time you compile your code. Thus, every time you make a change to your code and compile it, you should download this hex file to the RC unit. The FRC_default.hex is the compiled version of the code you download from the web site. This file should always be there and will never change, without your intervention. This way no matter what you do to your code, you can always go back to the original default code. Changing codes it a great way to trouble-shoot your code; if your code cause problems but when the Default Code is re-loaded and the problems go away……

As to what the Default Code does “as in”, you will need to download and read all the Reference Guides about the RC, Programming and Default Code on our Robot Controller web page.**