Freaking out robot

Hey, my new Radio controlled starter bundle has been freaking out lately right after I make the motors move with the remote. Any suggestions?

Could you explain to us a little more? Show us your program, tell us how it is “freaking out” etc.?


It is not a program. When I make it move it moves and right after that the motors start moving without me doing anything

Check if trim is set on your remote, if you believe there is or not, you can clear any trim that has been set, don’t take my word for it, but if your not sure how to do it try this:
Press “Mode” and “Select” at the same time, wait for a bit until you hear a beep, then press “Select” and you should see “CL” on the screen, then press the “Data Input” switch up and wait until you hear a beep, then press “Mode” and “Select” at the same time again and wait until you hear another beep, now your transmitter should be cleared.

Anyone else please correct me if I’m wrong.