Free Design Idea

I have an idea for a design if anyone wants to tackle it. Our bot is pretty set for this year so I thought I’d give someone else the chance to carry it out. I’m not sure how sportsmanship friendly it is but if someone wants to be “that guy” go for it. My idea is of a mesh screen that could be deployed to block the vision of the opposing teams drivers. It would be on a simple linear slide\ rack and pinion lift. I was reading the teaser thread and someone mentioned something you can’t do without and the vision of the driver came to my mind. The screen could be a simple 17x17 square or it could be designed to expand wider. I know that I personally wouldn’t be able to function with out seeing. I haven’t checked on the legality of it either so if someone wants to do that they can.

Honestly, I don’t think this strategy is in the spirit of Vex. Even if you, somehow, accomplished this “screen” idea, it’s pretty much trashing the opponent’s robot, and the opposing team’s efforts in building, programming and practicing; months of hard work gone to waste because of a simple black mesh screen.

If I were you, I would want to build a robot that relies on efficiency, power, driving skill and programming skill instead of gimmicky tricks that simply aim to exploit others.

/just my two cents
Good luck in the future!

HAHAHA I actually thought of this at the end of last year as a joke. The vision-blocking wall could have LEDs in the shape of a flashing troll face. However, this year, the drivers can stand in a bit of and L curve, and you also wouldn’t be able to block the gate, so it would be limited in effectiveness. Also it would be a huge engineering challenge to cover that much space, and everyone would hate you.:smiley:

Haha these are both reasons why my team is not trying it. I just thought it was an interesting idea to consider.

We stumbled upon this strategy in Orlando while mulling the game over. As a joke, we decided to CAD it, and called it “Troll Bot”.

<G1> When reading and applying the various rules in this document, please remember that common sense always applies in the VEX Robotics Competition.

<G17> All teams are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner while competing in VEX Robotics Competition events. If team members are disrespectful or uncivil to event staff, volunteers or fellow competitors, they may be Disqualified from their current or upcoming Match. It is important to remember that we are all judged based on how we deal with adversity. It is important that we all exhibit maturity and class when dealing with any difficult situations that may present themselves in both the VEX Robotics Competition and life in general.


how did you copy our design we were so secretive about it

lol jk
if i saw this bot at worlds i would just walk up shake the builders hand and forfeit or maybe try eyes closed driving